Programme Curriculum


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1 Month


Graduate in any discipline


Rs. 3000 for any one certificate program
Rs. 5500 for enrolling for any two certificate programs at a time.
Rs. 7500 for enrolling for all three certificate programs at a time.

Who can enroll?

Students, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Program Overview

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning has been very experimental in introducing innovative and industry-specific short-term and long-term programs for students and industry professionals. Continuing with the same philosophy, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune is launching three very innovative certificate programs based on business simulation.

These unique certificate programs will improve the decision-making skills, business competencies and overall employability of students/ participants by engaging them in an interactive business simulation environment.

Certificate Course Based on Business Simulation in-

This programme creates the next generation of marketing leaders. The Marketing Strategy Simulation uncovers deeper marketing insights and helps to understand the fast-evolving marketing environment. It equips participants with advanced thinking, analysis and marketing management skills.

  1. Marketing planning and implementation
  2. Practical implementation of segmentation, targeting and positioning
  3. Development and launch of new products
  4. Product life-cycle management and portfolio management of products
  5. Strategic pricing management
  6. Pricing and value management
  7. Channel management

  1. Analyse and define marketing strategies with reference to the trilogy, segmentation - targeting – positioning.
  2. Manage the products, brands, distribution channels, communication marketing and pricing policies effectively.
  3. Formulate models and marketing plans/processes and performance measurement.
  4. Understand marketing strategy in business as well as service markets.

Interpreting and analysing relevant financial information in decision-making contexts is important for business professionals to contribute effectively to their own as well as their organization’s growth and success. This program will guide the participants through concepts required to read and analyse financials through the lens of value-creation

  1. Understanding financial statements
  2. Interpreting financial statements
  3. Working capital management
  4. Capital budgeting and financing
  5. Financial ratios
  6. Budgeting and variance analysis C-V-P analysis for optimal product decisions

  1. Enhance fact-based analytical decisionmaking by linking the decisions to cash flows and bottom-line performance.
  2. Understand financial statements and analysis.
  3. Participate and enhance awareness of operating a company from a general management perspective.
  4. Recognize the interactions among various companies and external influences in a complex and interrelated environment.

This program will guide the participants through concepts required to build strategic mind-set and understand a sound and creative orientation towards decision-making process.
They drive change by seizing opportunities in a way that intentionally integrates external environment, aspirations and capability of the organization to create, capture and deliver value.

  1. Nature of strategic decisions
  2. Industry analysis - spotting opportunities and assessing threats
  3. Evaluating potential market positions
  4. Designing value Proposition
  5. Capturing value by Pricing
  6. Assessing organizational capabilities
  7. Competitive Dynamics
  8. Structuring organizations

  1. Formulate visions and strategies, budgets and action plans.
  2. Gain insight into possible risks and repercussions.
  3. Implement decisions across functional domains in a competitive business environment.
  4. Gain hard skills of planning, forecasting and operating combined with the soft skills of leadership, people management and communication.
  5. Implement appropriate strategy